There are few things as important to our children as their bicycles,
unfortunately bicycles are also easy for other people to steal.  In an effort to
protect Lawson's children from losing their bicycles, the Lawson Police offers
bicycles registration to Lawson citizens.  Please bring your bicycles to the
Lawson Police Department and a Police Officer will help you.  Each
registered bicycle will be given an identification sticker and a copy of the
bicycle's serial number is kept on file.  This way, if you child's bicycle is stolen,
the Lawson Police has the bicycle's description.

If you find a bicycle and can not locate an owner in your area, please contact
the Lawson Police.  Lost bicycles are collected and stored at the Police
Department.  If you are missing a bicycle, bring proof of ownership with you
and a Police Officer will help you review the stored bicycles to see if yours has
already been found
Lawson Police Department,
Bicycle Registry