Lawson Police Department,
Municipal and State Courts
The Lawson Police Department works with several area courts during the
prosecution of criminal cases.  Most misdemeanor offenses are handled at the
Lawson Municipal Court while felony cases are handled by the Ray County or
Clay County Circuit Courts.

If you are being charged with a felony offense, you will be notified and given a
court date by the court or at the time of your arrest.  If you have been charged
with misdemeanor offense or a traffic offense, your court date is listed on the
ticket given to you by the officer.

Questions concerning the court process, including fines, court dates, or
requests for continuances should be directed to the Court.  Here are the phone
numbers you'll need to contact the courts.
Lawson Municipal Court
(816) 580-3217

Ray County Circuit Court Clerk's Office
(816) 776-3377

Clay County Circuit Court Clerk's Office
(816) 407-3900
Lawson Municipal Court Dates 2019
Municipal Court starts at 5:30 PM at the
Lawson City Hall.

January 3
February 7
March 7
April 4
May 2
June 6
July 11
August 1
September 5
October 3
November 7
December 5

Court dates are subject to change.  Contact
the Municipal Court if you have a question.  
YOU are responsible for showing up on the
correct court date!