Q:  Does Lawson have a curfew?

A:  Yes.  Children sixteen years old and younger can not be roaming without their parents
between the hours of 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM Monday through Friday and 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM
on Saturday and Sunday.

Q:  How many pets can I own inside the City limits?

A:  City ordinance allows each household to own two animals but restricts these animals to two
dogs, two cats, or one of each.

Q:  Are Pit Bull or Bull Terriers allowed inside the City?

A:  No.  Pit bulls and similar breeds are not allowed inside the City.  Contact City Hall at (816)
580-3217 to get a complete listing of prohibited dogs or other animals.

Q:  Do pets have to be registered with the City?

A:  YES.  Dogs and Cats are required to have a valid City animal license.  Animal licenses must
be renewed every July 1 for the upcoming year.

Q:  Does Lawson have a leash law?

A:  Yes.  Dogs AND Cats are required to be restrained at all times while outside.  If the animal
escapes and is roaming at large, the animal's owner can be cited for the ordinance violation.

Q:  There is a dog running loose in my neighborhood, who do I call?

A:  The Lawson City Hall at (816) 580-3217.  City Hall will dispatch the City dog catcher during
business hours.  If the animal is dangerous, dial 911.

Q:  Can I keep an unlicensed vehicle at my house while I'm working on it?

A:  No.  Every vehicle, that is outside in a residential area, must display a current license plate
AND must be currently operational.  Operational means that the vehicle would be currently
legal to operate on a roadway.

Q:  My neighbor's yard is a mess, is there anything that can be done?

A:  Yes.  The City of Lawson has a number of nuisance ordinances which prohibits such things
as tall weeds and grass, unlicensed or junk vehicles, trash or junk, old tires, or unused
appliances and furniture.

Q:  When can we shoot fireworks in town?

A:  Fireworks can be shot in town from 10:00AM to Midnight on July 2-5.  No bottle rockets or
rockets of any type can be shot off in town.

Q:  Will the Police come to my house to keep the peace while I get some property
during a divorce or separation?

A:  Unfortunately, the Lawson Police does not currently have the manpower to assist in civil
property disputes such as this.  Contact an attorney to recover property that you believe
belongs to you.  If a disturbance or a crime occurs, call 911and the Police will resolve any
criminal charges only.

Q:  I own a mini-motorcycle or moped.  Can I operate them on the street in the City?

A:  All mini-motorcycles or similar vehicles must be operated by a licensed driver wearing a
motorcycle helmet.  The vehicle must also meet other roadway standards such as proper turn
signals, head lights, and brake lights.

Q:  Can bicycles be ridden downtown in the business district?

A:  Bicycles are prohibited on Pennsylvania Street between Third and Fifth Streets.  This
includes bicycles on sidewalks or being pushed by the operator.

Q:  I live just outside the City limits but I have a Lawson mailing address, can I call the
Lawson Police for help?

A:  No.  The Lawson Police only has jurisdiction within the City of Lawson and can not respond
to calls outside the City limits for that and other liability issues.  Calls for assistance from
outside the City should be directed to the local Sheriff's Office.

Q:  If the City Lake closes at 10:00 PM can I still fish past closing time?

A:  Yes, if you are actively fishing only.  All other activities must end at 10:00 PM when the park
closes and all non-fishers must leave the park area.

Q:  Can I camp out or build a fire at the City Lake?

A:  No, there is no camping or campfires allowed at the lake at this time.

Q:  Can I go swimming in the Lake?

A:  No, swimming is prohibited at the City Lake.

Q:  Can I hunt at the City Lake?

A:  No.  Discharging firearms or launching any type of projectile is prohibited.  This means that
you can't shoot arrows, BB's or pellets, air soft guns, or sling shot projectiles inside the City.
Lawson Police Department,
Frequently Asked Questions