Missouri State Statutes

The Lawson Police Department enforces Missouri state statutes and the ordinances
of the City of Lawson.  Missouri state statutes can be searched at
Missouri Statute-Search
Missouri Statutes-By Number
Lawson City Ordinances

A list of the most commonly requested City Ordinances can be found here.  City
ordinances are changed as needed by the City Council.  The ordinances provided
here may not be the most current or up to date.  Current ordinances are available
from the Lawson City Hall.

Misdemeanor offenses such as assault, trespassing, stealing, animal violations
and public nuisance violations are covered in
Title Two of the Lawson City

Traffic offenses such as speeding, running a stop sign, or driving while suspended
can be found in
Title Three of the Lawson City Ordinances.
Lawson Police Department,
City Ordinances