Effective law enforcement has to be a team effort between Police and the
Community.  To make the flow of communication easier, feel free to forward tips to
the Lawson Police using the form below.

To be usable information, your tips need to be as detailed as possible.  For
example, "John Smith sells drugs", isn't very useful.  "John Smith sells drugs from
his house.  I've seen several car coming and going from his house.  The cars only
stay for a very short time.  He lives at 123 Anywhere Street", is much more useful

Although leaving your name and phone number is not required, we strongly urge
you to give us this information.  We may need to contact you to ask more specific
questions concerning your information.  Sometimes, rewards may be offered for
information leading to a conviction.  Your personal information will be kept in the
strictest of confidences and will only be released if required by law.
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Criminal Information
Lawson Police Department,
Anonymous Tips
Since the Lawson Police established this tips page, we have received
several tips from the community.  We would like to thank you for your
support and the information that you, the community, have provided to the
Police.  Your tips have assisted the Police in clearing several crimes and
taking criminals off our streets.