Lawson Police Department,
You Make the Call
Modern Policing is an ever changing and often complicated environment.  As new laws
and new court decisions are made, Police have to constantly adapt to these changes in
order to make lawful decisions.  Often Police Officers are confronted with complicated
and quickly changing situations and are required to make split second decisions.  To
be a Police Officer takes experience and constant training to keep up with these ever
changing laws and court rulings.

Now its your turn to make the call and be the Police Officer.  Below is an actual situation
where Police Officer's had to make a decision.  How would you handle the call?
Officer Williams responds to a report of a fight in progress in the front yard of a
residence.  When he arrives, he observes Mr. Smith fighting with another man but
neither person appears to be seriously hurt.  The only charges that Mr. Smith is
currently facing is a misdemeanor.  When Officer William's approaches, Mr. Smith flees
and Officer Williams chases him into a residence where he makes the arrest.  Officer
Williams later finds out that the residence belonged to Mr. Smith.

At court, Mr. Smith argues that Officer Williams violated his rights by unlawfully entering
his residence without a warrant and thus the arrest should be dismissed.